Learn to Leverage Purpose-Driven Marketing to Attract Your Ideal Clients in Flocks



You're on this planet to do more than just pitch products and services.

But how do you communicate that in a way that drives profit?

Maybe you aren’t getting enough leads.

Maybe you're getting enough leads but you’re not enjoying your work.

Maybe you’re tired of fighting to get paid what you’re worth.

And maybe you’re lying awake at night, wondering whether anybody will even care about your purpose.


What if you could attract more clients who really understand your value?

Imagine if you could...

  • Choose which clients YOU want to work with.

  • Eliminate the worry of another bad review online.

  • Charge more for your services.

  • Get up every morning with the knowledge that you are living and working toward your greater purpose.



“She actually bleepin' gets it. How refreshing!

If you don't learn something of value from Natalie, then you weren't paying attention. Stop reading this and call her if you want to take your business to the next level. Go!"

Chris Morton,



 Join Cearagh + Natalie for a 7-Week intensive program teaching how to leverage purpose-driven marketing to build and tell the story of your business online.

In this marketing lab you can expect to develop:

  • A deeper understanding of your why and its impact on your business

  • A stronger connection with your audience

  • The key messaging needed to have your business heard

  • Clarity and precision with your branding and business image

  • The ability to share your story with purpose and intention

  • Awareness of how + where to find your ideal customer

  • Acute sensitivity towards your customer experience

  • The capacity to implement up-to-date best practices associated with marketing your business


What's Included

3 hours of in-class work per week (in Moncton)

1 hour virtual Q+A session per week

Access to a closed, members-only Facebook Group

Weekly workbooks to guide your exercises

Small group size (capped at 10 people)


Who is this for?


Small Business Owners

Those looking to better understand their business, their buyer and themselves


Topics Covered

Creating brand integrity

Constructing your buyer personas

Defining the “why” of your business

Designing your brand communications + key messaging

Developing a content marketing strategy

Understanding social media + distribution

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"I honestly can’t say enough about my experience working with Marrow. They have truly gone above and beyond my expectations. Natalie and Cearagh completely immerse themselves in understanding my brand and my vision. And the support they have offered Work of Heart has been incredible. Thank you thank you."

Angela Harris, Work of Heart

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The Marrow Marketing Lab is offered at two different price levels, Standard and VIP. These two different levels are designed to best accommodate the different needs of our cohort.

1) Standard | $1,900 + tax

  • 3 hours of in-class work per week (in Moncton)

  • Weekly coaching calls

  • Access to a closed, members-only Facebook Group

  • Weekly workbooks to guide your exercises

  • Small group size (capped at 10 people)

2) VIP | $2,900 + tax

  • All Standard options

  • 6 exclusive 1:1 coaching sessions with Natalie and Cearagh, 45 min session per week

Extra Details

  • The in-class portion of this 7 week intensive will be held in Moncton

  • In-class sessions will be held every Thursday morning from 9am-12pm beginning October 31 through to December 12

  • Applications open September 25, 2019

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