Content Camp


Avoid The Summer Slide In Your Business

It's time to build a content marketing plan that you will actually execute.

** Content Camp is now closed for the summer! **


DIY marketers + business owners: you say you’re going to post consistent content to grow your business and then you don’t do it

You keep taking seminars, joining webinars and downloading freebies with best intentions but you stop short of actually executing. Sound familiar?

We get it! When you started your business, you didn’t think about content marketing. And now, you’re sitting there wondering WTF to post to drive results in your business. 

Without a plan in place, it’s almost impossible to drive business results from content marketing. Yes, that motivational quote might fire YOU up but how is posting it moving you toward your business goals?

The thing is, YOU can create great content that will attract your ideal buyers to your business without spending hours on it every single day.

But, you need to have a plan!!  And you need to actually execute that plan. 

Any way you slice it, content marketing is going to require some work and some discomfort.


We’re Marrow Marketing

Two smallish-town Canadian girls who use content marketing to run a profitable business that we aren’t sorry about. We use content marketing to build relationships and we help our clients do the very same. We’ve bootstrapped from nothing but ideas, energy and heart to build a business that is moving us toward our dream lives.

And we’re tired of your excuses.

(If you haven’t figured it out by now, we’re more sour patch than sugar coated)


You don’t need bags of money, huge ad budgets, or a verified Instagram account to be great at content marketing.

You do need to be ready to commit to showing up for your audience and doing the work.


Introducing Content Camp!


A 4-week, online program that’s designed to draw the stories out of your business and turn them into content that will actually build a relationship with your audience.

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During the 4-week camp we’ll be talking about: 

  • What type of content is right for you and your audience

  • How to plan content topics that your audience will care about (and that you’ll enjoy creating)

  • How to actually execute your content plan with consistency 

  • How to measure whether your content is performing for you (and what to do if it isn’t)

Let’s be honest. You know that content marketing is a must in 2019. This isn’t news. So this summer, let’s actually get it happening in your business.

The Details: 

  • 4 week online program

  • Weekly live videos that include 60 minutes of instruction and 30 minutes of Q&A

  • Weekly worksheets + templates

  • All videos and worksheets are hosted in a private Facebook group

  • Camp is currently closed for the summer!

This is how Nat and I will feel when YOU execute on your content

This is how Nat and I will feel when YOU execute on your content