Brand Therapy

Because branding isn’t straightforward, and sometimes you just don’t know what to do next.


The details:

You + us, 2-on-1, digging into your brand!

What even happens during brand therapy you ask?

That is up to you! We are all yours!

We are a visionary and integrator duo, so you get ideas AND implementation advice. Branding, communications, content marketing, social media, public speaking, project management + entrepreneurship experience—and every lesson we’ve learned along the way doing it differently than those who came before us.

Some examples of what we can work on during brand therapy include:

  • Uncovering what is so damn special about YOU and your company;

  • Sorting out the things that you feel aren’t so pretty about your business (and repositioning them so that they make a more positive impact);

  • Building up your courage to help you make the impact that you want to in this world;

  • Uncovering the topic and structure of that talk you’ve been dying to write;

  • Answering the social media questions that prevent you from actually doing something;

  • Or really, anything else you feel called to do!


How it shakes out…

We’ll meet online for an hour via video call.

You’ll fill us in on what you want our help with.

Because we’re sticklers for timing and we don’t have to worry about small talk, we’ll immediately jump into brainstorming, strategizing, etc. (We’re not building a whole marketing plan here).

We’ll wrap things up and give you very specific NEXT STEPS to go out and make things happen in your business.

Follow-up sessions are totally up to you. You can book sessions back-to-back, months apart, or not at all. Whatever you need to move the needle and make progress.