The #1 Key to Generating Profitable Ideas (alt. title: What's with the Couch?)

Boy, do we feel the pain! Generating new ideas is intimidating enough, let alone trying to ensure that the ideas you come up with will appeal to your ideal customers + inspire them to take action. After all, it’s not a business if it’s not putting food on the table.  

Wondering where you even begin? How to start? Where to find inspiration? You’re not alone... there are an overwhelming amount of businesses out there asking the same questions about idea generation!

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How to Use Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram Story Highlights are your very own curation of the different Stories you put out to the world. In some cases you likely spend a lot of time crafting your stories to look interesting an eye-catching, so why let that incredible content slip away after a short 24hrs? Story Highlights give you the chance to repurpose that content into a more permanent profile display which, for a business, can be another amazing way to share your brand and offerings.

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8 Brands That I Can't Stop Watching on Instagram

Since launching business profiles in 2016, Instagram has become the fastest growing social media platform for brands with brand content crowding out  the staple brunch photos and #dogsofinstagram pics.

The strength of Instagram for brands lies in the opportunity to visually represent your brand, share your personality and remind scrolling users what you’re made of.

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5 Things I Learned Co-hosting a Facebook Live Talk Show

After many Starbucks meetings and planning sessions, Jared and I launched our talk show #ThirstyUnderThirty in January of 2017. While we originally thought it would be only one episode, it turned into an 8 episode series, including a season finale. 

The premise of the show revolved around millennials. It was created by millennials for millennials as a way to share experiences, educate and motivate. We would invite guests on to share their insights with us and our viewers. We discussed topics like How to Get a Job in 2017; Financial Freedom for Millennials; Workplace Culture & Multi-Generational Teams and a few others.

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Your Brand Is Your Voice. Your Voice Is A Gift.

This week I had the opportunity to speak to the BPW Chapter in our city. The group asked me to speak about personal branding, a topic that I have a decent handle of on any given day but this event happened to fall on the eve of International Women’s Day. I felt self-conscious. I became concerned (concerned? obsessed?… is obsessed the new concerned?) with how I could possibly speak on the topic of personal branding in a way that would be supportive of magnitude and meaning of IWD. The last thing I wanted to do was come across as disconnected, uninformed or, worse yet, shallow.

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Don’t Like Blogging? Cearagh's 3 Strategies For Blogging Anyway

Being a part of Marrow has allowed me to jump into working on the things that I love! In most cases, what I enjoy doing is the opposite of what Natalie enjoys, and vice versa. This has worked out for almost everything we do with Marrow and I’m exceptionally grateful for that, but when you work in a team of two, there are still things that need to get done regardless of who enjoys doing them.

And blogging is something I don’t enjoy, but it still needs to get done.

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Newsflash: Your HR and Marketing Strategy are a lot More Aligned Than you Think

If we’re doing marketing right, we’re ditching the spin and we’re picking up the truth. We’re telling real and honest stories about ourselves, our products, and or services in order to make a sale. If we’re doing it right, we’re staying true to ourselves and showing that through a powerful brand.

So where does HR fit in? Well, your brand values should trickle down to your hiring requirements.

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The Buyer Persona: Marketing to Everyone is Marketing to No One

Photo by Saketh Garuda on Unsplash

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer. Typically well known in marketing or sales, a customer/buyer/product/service persona has an impact on almost every aspect of your business and will allow you to tailor content to the specific needs, concerns and behaviours of different buyers. These personas should be based both in market research and insight from your actual customer base.

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The Exhausted Words We're Dropping From Our Marketing Vocabulary

In this age of Search Engine Optimization, it’s no surprise that certain words get used a more frequently than others. Take a journey through our blog posts and you’ll quickly notice that keywords like “purpose-driven”, “content marketing”, “inbound marketing” and “what you’re made of” get more that their fair share of exposure. This is to be expected as we work to build up our keyword density. That said, there are some terms that will not only  never be beneficial to your SEO strategy but these words are so overused, across all industries, that they’ve actually become ineffective.

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Scheduling A Facebook Live + Going Live: The Ultimate Guide

Facebook Live can be an amazing tool when it comes to honestly and authentically sharing what you're made of with your audience. It also happens to be an awesome way to stay relevant when it comes to Facebook’s updated algorithm. Because Facebook is geared towards creating more “meaningful interactions”, Facebook Live is a perfect way to not only connect with your viewing audience, but for them to also connect with each other.

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Selling in Facebook Messenger? You May Be Breaking The Law.

If you’re anything like me, you may have noticed a sales message or two sneaking their way into your Facebook Messenger Inbox lately. I’m not talking about ad placements (in case you haven’t noticed, Facebook is now advertising within your Messenger feed). What I’m referring to is a contact, usually a Facebook friend, connecting to get you to buy something. Perhaps the ask is to book a home party, purchase their product or service, or solicit from you in some other way. In some cases, this may be the only Messenger conversation you’ve had with this contact.

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How To Streamline Your Start-Up Team Of Two: The Marrow Method

In this article, Cearagh explains the ins and outs of what works at Marrow when it comes to processes, systems and workflow. She shares tools and hacks that will help you create intentional space and structure for your start-up business team that will allow you more time to focus on building your business and meeting the needs of your clients.

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The Inbound Methodology (Since Interrupting Doesn't Work Anymore).

Inbound marketing is the process of creating and distributing valuable content to your target audience in a way that builds an engaging, long-term relationship with them. At the very minimum, your content must be useful to the user. At best, it evokes emotion and builds connection with them - after all, humans are wired to seek connection.

Content delivered via inbound marketing should directly address your buyers problems, challenges and questions without necessarily trying to sell them a solution.

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