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Planning Content, Influencers and Analytics: Natalie Answers 9 Audience Questions

This week, on our regular Facebook LIVE, we decided to skip the guest interview and dive into some questions that are on the minds and hearts of our audience! We covered so many topics in just 9 questions and Natalie got so into it that Louis, our office dog, had the freedom he needed to destroy her brand new pumps. (Why is she smiling??)

What questions did we answer??

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You really shouldn't take my business advice unless I share your values.

The truth is, we see too many businesses starting out that are taking all of the advice that they can get. Too often, these entrepreneurs are just not giving themselves enough credit to trust themselves to make their own decisions. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? Failure?? Yeah - well when was the last time you met a great entrepreneur who didn’t have an epic failure story of their own?

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