The Company That You Keep: Workspace Atlantic - Moncton

Workspace Moncton and Marrow Marketing

“Your brand is what’s said about you when you’re not in the room.”

Jeff Bezos

You know… the brand:

  • the sum of every interaction that your audience has with your organization

  • how your buyer persona feels after engaging with you

  • the lasting impression that sticks around after your ad/meeting/event/etc.

Often, leaders want to think of their brand as a linear one-way communication but in reality, your brand is not who you say you are. It’s actually who your audience says that you are. And, by that token, like it or not your brand is influenced by the company that you keep.

Can I say that again, in bold, to show you that it is a very important part of this blog post?

Your brand is influenced by the company that you keep.

On Influencers + Sponsorships

We take the idea of brand integrity pretty seriously around here so we don’t mess around when it comes to any kind of affiliate deals, sponsorships or influencer arrangements. Why? To be honest, even the most lucrative sponsorship for us really wouldn’t be worth compromising our integrity with our audience.

In the age of influencers and endorsements, it can be very hard to tell whether people are talking about a product because they actually love it, or simply because someone paid them to. We’ve seen so many influencer campaigns that are confusing and downright unbelievable.

That said, when the relationship is aligned - influencers can really help their audience find amazing products and services that have already been vetted for them! And that is the case here, in this sponsored post.  We chose our first ever sponsor here at Marrow wisely - making sure that the relationship enhanced both of our brands. So here’s a big THANK YOU to Workspace Atlantic - Moncton for being a location sponsor for the second cohort of the Marrow Marketing Lab.

Let us tell you about why this was the perfect location for The Lab!

Workspace Atlantic - Moncton

There is no arguing that environment affects work. In our team of visionary and integrator (creative and analytical; extrovert and introvert; you get the picture), we have very different workplace needs.

In fact, we were able to access a study produced by Gensler Architects on the impact of design in employee workplaces. They found that: “The most effective workplaces balance focus and collaboration.”

Cearagh may be heavier on focus while Natalie is heavier on collaboration but the point is that great workplaces provide a combination of both. The design and layout of Workspace Moncton has ample space provided for both collaboration and focus. Their membership options are varied and include closed offices, co-working and occasional use.

Before connecting with Workspace Atlantic about The Marketing lab, it was important that we connected as customers first so we rented the boardroom for our strategic planning session. Because we were already familiar with the energizing decor and the super-functional layout (see below), those items did not come as a surprise. We knew that we would be productive and energized in the space.

What did strike us though, we a few unexpected and very appreciated items

  • The bottomless carafe of always-fresh coffee

  • The friendliest faces welcoming you at the front desk (we’ve become besties with their amazing team)

  • The super clean/tidy rooms (all of the rooms, always)

  • The atmosphere of quiet, respectful, connectedness that I’m struggling to put into words

  • Finally, and most importantly, the way that Workspace gives back to and supports our community in such a huge way (they’re currently doing a toy drive for MAGMA)

Once The Marketing Lab began and we became weekly regulars, we were sure that we would catch a wrinkle in the service level… after all, nobody’s perfect. But every week, we loved Workspace even more than the week before and we became more attached to not only the place but also, to the people who occupy it.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, from-home workers… hop in, check it out and introduce yourself to Terrie-Lynn for a tour. And, if you’re so inclined, tell her that Cearagh + Natalie miss her ;)

While we are not on the hunt for a daily workspace at the moment, we are thrilled to have access to Workspace Atlantic and their facilities on an intermittent basis for workshops and programs like The Marketing Lab. And who knows, perhaps 2019 will be the year that our big plans have us working from a few other Workspace Atlantic locations.

Workspace Atlantic is company that our brand is proud to keep.


The second Marketing Lab was sponsored by Workspace Atlantic. To find out more about their awesome facilities, check them out here: