Quarterly Planning with a Visionary and Integrator

Quarterly planning in the house!!! Last week’s Marrow Live was brought to you by the both of us! I (Cearagh) joined Nat for a quick live chat about our quarterly planning process (which we do… every quarter) and let you all in on what goes down.

Check out the video below to understand more about what it’s like working together as a visionary/integrator duo; what we loved about last quarter; and what we’re ready to change! As always, some quick action time stamps are below the video.


2:24 How would you describe the start of our quarterly planning sessions?

4:28 What is interesting/cool about sharing our Drains and Fuels?

6:09 Over 1.5yrs into the business, how big are our Drain lists?

6:38 Have you ever had something that drained you move to a fuel?

10:39 Because of our different styles of working (integrator/visionary, more introverted/more extroverted), how do we work together and what does that mean for us?

12:40 What do we do next, after Drains and Fuels?

14:37 What are some of the things we said worked well last quarter?

18:57 What happens after the sticky note process? After our Fuels/Drains + Works well/Change?

20:51 What three things are we focusing on this quarter?

22:54 What happens after we finish planning our quarter?

28:11 When goal setting early in your business, do you have any tips for creating realistic goals? Also, do you have individual goals or all company goals?

36:00 Cearagh, what are you not sorry for anymore?

Thinking of starting some quarterly planning of your own? I suggest the following supplies to keep things moving smoothly:

  1. Lots of plain sticky notes, preferably Post-Its, and 3x3 sizing;

  2. Plain black or blue pens for writing on the sticky notes, but also lots of different coloured pens for writing on the yearly calendar;

  3. A one page yearly calendar;

  4. Monthly calendar pages of the next quarter

  5. An agenda to keep you on task!

If you’d like more info about our planning cadence and agendas, or would like a downloadable version of our monthly and yearly one page calendars, let us know in the comments!