Think Buyer Personas Are Boring?! Well, We've Got Some News For You!

Nat is back this week with guest Krista Elliot of Clariant Creative for our regular Facebook LIVE segment. After last week’s tech glitches and mishaps, we’ve invested in some new software, so the interview goes as smooth as planned.

In this segment, Natalie and Krista get into the trenches of why your business’ buyer persona is so. damn. important. Not to mention… how to actually use it?!

To know more about what they covered, check out the video below and the time stamps that follow to jump to the section you want to know about the most.


1:34 How do you define inbound marketing?

2:33 Do you have favourite brands that are really good at inbound marketing?

5:34 What is a buyer persona?

9:04 Why is it important to repel the wrong people?

9:58 Do you have any tips on figuring out how to define your buyer persona?

11:35 Should buyer personas last forever?

12:27 How many buyer personas should a business have?

13:21 Can you give examples of how you would use a buyer persona to decide what to do with content? How does that work in the world?

15:15 Why is content mapping helpful?

17:43 Sometimes we can have a great content plan, but find it hard to stick to the topic planned because we’re fired up about something else. Any tips, for those that are creatively inspired, to get back to the content calendar or plan?

22:12 What are you not sorry for anymore?

Have any extra questions about the buyer persona? Let us know so we can answer them LIVE! Grab your own set of interview questions and buyer persona template so you can really focus on the content your building and the business you’re growing.