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5 Things I Learned Co-hosting a Facebook Live Talk Show

After many Starbucks meetings and planning sessions, Jared and I launched our talk show #ThirstyUnderThirty in January of 2017. While we originally thought it would be only one episode, it turned into an 8 episode series, including a season finale. 

The premise of the show revolved around millennials. It was created by millennials for millennials as a way to share experiences, educate and motivate. We would invite guests on to share their insights with us and our viewers. We discussed topics like How to Get a Job in 2017; Financial Freedom for Millennials; Workplace Culture & Multi-Generational Teams and a few others.

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Scheduling A Facebook Live + Going Live: The Ultimate Guide

Facebook Live can be an amazing tool when it comes to honestly and authentically sharing what you're made of with your audience. It also happens to be an awesome way to stay relevant when it comes to Facebook’s updated algorithm. Because Facebook is geared towards creating more “meaningful interactions”, Facebook Live is a perfect way to not only connect with your viewing audience, but for them to also connect with each other.

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