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Buy 4500 Facebook Fans For $40: How To Quickly Grow An Unengaged Following That Doesn't Care About Your Brand

I watched as the new fans started to accumulate on my page over the next 24 hours. 500, 700, 900…1500… 2000… 5000. 5000 Likes for $40. I had a global audience - most of the new fans were from parts of the world that were unknown to me - in markets that were rarely served by Facebook ads. Buried deep under the surface was a faint awareness that none of these people were my buyer persona, so I piled on exuberant enthusiasm for my new trick, acting as though every like was evidence of the fact that I would be a successful entrepreneur.

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Why Being a Hypocrite Makes Me a Better Marketer.

The minute I got comfortable with the notion that my position on an issue when it comes to digital marketing is open for discussion, my mind immediately became more open to possibility. Rather than defending the idea of being an “expert”, I became immediately committed to the idea that being a student is more important. In the days where one algorithm change can crumble an entire industry, being an expert is highly overrated. Being an expert implies you already know everything that there is to know. In digital, there’s no such thing because innovation and change are just moving way too fast.

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Scheduling A Facebook Live + Going Live: The Ultimate Guide

Facebook Live can be an amazing tool when it comes to honestly and authentically sharing what you're made of with your audience. It also happens to be an awesome way to stay relevant when it comes to Facebook’s updated algorithm. Because Facebook is geared towards creating more “meaningful interactions”, Facebook Live is a perfect way to not only connect with your viewing audience, but for them to also connect with each other.

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