Repeat After Us: Everyone Is Not Your Customer

On this week’s Marrow Live, Natalie is front and centre with Abby Henderson, a 26 year old entrepreneur that owns and operates Reverie Hair Loft in Moncton NB.

Abby is the epitome of not only an inspiring local (to us) entrepreneur, but she’s also an incredibly fun and fierce woman! Her and Natalie talk about the experiences she had that lead to opening her own salon (at 24!?!?), how it feels to take a stance on who you serve, and what it’s like starting a business in your early 20s, among some other great words of wisdom, advice and confidence!

For your viewing experience, some time stamped questions are below the video 🔥


0:50 Tell us about Reverie Hair Loft

7:01 What is the difference between Reverie Hair Loft and Pure Serenity Spa? Why do we see Reverie everywhere but didn’t even know about serenity?

8:34 What are your thoughts around the idea that not everyone is your customer?

12:08 What do you think is the hardest part about being an entrepreneur in your early 20s?

15:10 What do you, Abby Henderson, stand for?

19:48 What are you not sorry for anymore?


Do you live locally, don’t have short hair, and are looking to up your hair game?! Find Abby on Instagram and Facebook!

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Cearagh Vessey