Let's Talk Public Relations: "People want to read about people, not products"

Talk about a MEATY interview!

On Marrow Live, Natalie chatted with Crystal Richard, founder of Crystal Richard & Co, East Coast Mermaid, and Sandy Toes Shop, as well as the co-author of Get Covered. Yes, you’re right, she definitely turns dreams into action while still grabbing a few mid afternoon naps along the way.

Natalie and Crystal chat about Public Relations, travel in NB, whale watching, how to run multiple businesses at the same time, and so much more! One of the most important pieces they touch on though, is how important it is to tell your own story, because stories are what create connection.

Question time stamps are below the video, but I really encourage you to watch the whole damn thing!


1:43 Tell us a little about your entrepreneurial journey. How’d you get started and how did so many businesses pop-up along the way?

9:39 How do you define Public Relations?

14:00 A direct quote from your book Get Covered: “You don’t always have to leave it up to the journalist to write your story”. What do you mean when you say that?

18:27 What would you say is the biggest mistake you’ve made as an entrepreneur?

24:09 What decision as an entrepreneur are you the most proud of?

28:40 What is next on your dream list?

30:57 Where can people find you?

If you loved hearing about Crystal’s story and want to learn how to share your own business story (or how to find it in the first place!), let us know! We love helping businesses create and share their story through our brand therapy sessions, or even in the marketing lab.

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