Instagram For Business: Breaking Down The Basics

The favourite food of millennials. It also Instagrams well 💁 Photo by  Brenda Godinez  on  Unsplash

The favourite food of millennials. It also Instagrams well 💁 Photo by Brenda Godinez on Unsplash

Natalie and I love to teach! Since launching Marrow we’ve taught multiple workshops about how to create connection and engagement with your audience through Facebook and Instagram. Because guess what… selling doesn’t work anymore!!

We always encourage questions throughout our workshops because they help us understand the knowledge level of our audience. The questions are often unique to the situation or the asker, but there are still a few that are asked time and time again. In this post I’m answering a few of our common Instagram questions!

How do you add multiple people to an Instagram account?

While it’s important to keep safety and privacy in mind when granting account access to team members, freelancers or agencies, it’s sometimes necessary to keep on top of the ever growing amount of time that needs to be invested in each platform to stay up-to-date.

Natalie and I recently started working with the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge for their final month of promotion before their provincial gala May 3rd. Because part of our content strategy for the YEC is to take advantage of instagram stories, we need direct access to their account to publish and post through Stories. Below I share the step by step of how I added the YEC account to my Instagram account.

  • Step 1: Ask the account owner for their username and password

  • Step 2: Access instagram through your mobile app or via the website

  • Step 3: Navigate to your personal account and tap on your username at the top

  • Step 4: Tap “Add Account”

Add Instagram account
  • Step 5: Input the username and password for the account you’d like to add

  • Step 6: Voila! You now have access to this account through Instagram!


How do you optimize your Instagram bio?

Impressions are formed quicker now than ever before, so having an engaging and informative bio ready to rock on your Instagram account could be the difference between creating a connection with your audience... or not.

An Instagram bio is used as a quick way to give information about your organization. It can contain searchable hashtags, personal tags and a call to action. A typical call to action would be your website link or another web address you’re pushing at that time (like a link to buy tickets for an event, a new blog post, etc).

Avasam has some awesome and extensive bio ideas depending on the vibe you’re trying to create and the information you want to deliver. Just keep in mind that a bio has a maximum of 150 characters and should contain a super easy way for a client/customer/user to reach you or find out more!

How Do You Use Instagram Analytics?

If you’ve switched to a business account on instagram, you now have access to plenty of insights, metrics and analytics about your account and audience. Use this to your advantage!

Not sure how to access your account insights? Read on!

  • Step 1: Navigate to your instagram account on your mobile app

  • Step 2: Tap on the bar graph at the top right corner of your profile

  • Step 3: From here you can choose to look at Activity, Content or Audience



Insights can help you learn more about who follows your account, when they’re online, what they engage with the most, where they’re from and so much more. Why is this helpful? Understanding how your content is being received gives you the chance to make adjustments where needed and serve your audience as best you can.

Wondering what to post? We have you covered with our FREE GUIDE: 10 Days of Social Posts. You can download it here.