The Impact of Camp + Some Big News

Nat has some BIG news to share today! To find out what it is, check out this week’s Marrow Live where she chats with Stu Saunders. Among many other things, Stu is the founder of Youth Leadership Camps Canada, just outside of Barrie Ontario, which started in 27 years ago and will host over 1,600 campers from 20 different countries this year alone! 

In addition to the camp, Stu puts on many youth oriented events every year across the country, has an active podcast, speaks around the world, runs a film production company and is host to one of 2019’s most impressive speaking events.

Check out the video below to hear more of Stu’s story and the big news he and Natalie have to share! As always, some helpful time stamps are below the video.

Questions + Thoughts

0:54 Tell us about your summer camp! Where is it? When did it start? Give us the story.

2:29 How old were you when you started this camp?

3:30 Learn about the first time Nat heard Stu speak in 1996 and the message he shared with youth

6:41 Rising Above: a movie Stu created with his production company

13:49 So you’ve got camp, you’re a speaker, film producer and podcaster. What else should our audience know about you?

16:30 What is Epic and what’s it all about?


27:34 The motivational pep-talk from Nat that you’ve been waiting for

31:47 Stu’s perspective on the teachable moment Natalie shared that is for anyone in business

35:33 How to reach Stu!

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