How to Use Instagram Story Highlights

Photo by  Jakob Owens  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Instagram has become one of our very favourite platforms for reaching our audience! 

Story Highlights, launched by Instagram in December of 2017, are meant to show off the best of your Instagram Story reel. Unlike a typical Instagram Story that disappears after 24hrs, Story Highlights live on your Instagram profile indefinitely, featured neatly below your bio and above your grid.

Story Highlights are an opportunity to curate the different Stories that you put out to the world. In some cases you likely spend a lot of time crafting your stories to look interesting and eye-catching, so why let that incredible content slip away after a short 24hrs? Story Highlights give you the chance to repurpose that content into a more permanent profile display which, for a business, can be another amazing way to share your brand and offerings.

If you're new to Instagram Story Highlights, this blog post will explain the how-to of creating, adding to and deleting a Story Highlight.

@lululemon 's Instagram Profile

@lululemon's Instagram Profile

Are Instagram Story Highlights helpful for business?

Story Highlights give businesses the opportunity to highlight different areas of their business or related valuable content - and the options are endless!

Lululemon leverages Highlights with categories like "What’s New", "Workouts" and "Things To Do". This gives followers immediate insight into new styles that Lululemon is launching and the different ways to wear their lifestyle line.

While you can add up-to 100 photos or videos to any single highlight, with unlimited highlights available, it’s more important than ever to keep content relevant, intentional and valuable.


How To Add a Story Highlight to your Instagram Profile

Turn on Archive

To start from scratch and add your very first Story Highlight, make sure you’ve got an active story on your profile and that your story archive is turned on. To verify this, on your profile screen, there’s a little clock like icon in the top right hand corner, tap on it. You’ll either be greeted with plenty of photo and video options from stories past, or you won’t!

If you’re met with the screen in the middle below, that means you need to add to your story before you can start pulling any highlights to live on your profile. From this screen, tap the three horizontal dots in the top right corner and toggle on Save to archive. Your archive is where your stories will be stored so that you don't lose them and don't have to worry about saving them directly to your phone.

No Story.png

Add a New Story Highlight

To add a brand new Story Highlight from your Instagram Story reel, navigate to you profile.

1) Tap the “+” sign to add a new Story Highlight.

2) Choose one or more photos/videos from your archives to add to your highlight. For this example I chose two photos of the Marrow Sparrow! Tap next when you’re finished choosing your photos.

3) Edit the cover photo and move it around a bit. Name your Story Highlight then tap Add.

And voila! You’ve got yourself a brand new Story Highlight!

New highlight.png

Add to an Existing Highlight

1) If you’ve already got a Story Highlight on the go that you’d like to add to, simply tap on the highlight. For this example, we’ll add to our Office Dog highlight of Woody Hayes Douglas Davison.

2) When the first image or video of your highlight pops up, tap the 3 small horizontal dots in the bottom right hand corner and chose "Edit Highlight".

3) You’ll then see a screen that shows all of the highlights currently in this Story Highlight. To add some more, tap Archive on the top right.

Edit Highlight.png

4) From your archives, tap on the photos or videos you’d like to add to your Story Highlight and tap Done.

5) You’ll then see the extra photos or videos added to your highlight. If this looks good to you, tap Done.

Boom, now we’ve got a boomerang and a video of Sir Woody Hayes!

Add to highlight 2.png

Remove a Story Highlight

The process for removing a single photo or video from a highlight is pretty straight forward:

1) Tap on the Story Highlight you'd like to modify.

2) Tap on the 3 tiny horizontal dots in the bottom right corner, just like above. This time though, tap Remove from Highlight on the photo you'd like to remove.

For this example I removed both photos that made up the Marrow Sparrow Story Highlight which removed the highlight from our profile altogether. If you're only removing one photo from a series, the other photos will still be in the highlight once you're done.

Delete Highlight.png

And that's it! Now you know some of the advantages to using Instagram Story Highlight for your business, as well as the how-to's of adding to, editing, and removing your Story Highlight.

If you found this article helpful or have suggestions on other How-To guides that you'd like to see, let us know! We make our content for you and want to make sure that you get the info that can help you most. 

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