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Why Being a Hypocrite Makes Me a Better Marketer.

The minute I got comfortable with the notion that my position on an issue when it comes to digital marketing is open for discussion, my mind immediately became more open to possibility. Rather than defending the idea of being an “expert”, I became immediately committed to the idea that being a student is more important. In the days where one algorithm change can crumble an entire industry, being an expert is highly overrated. Being an expert implies you already know everything that there is to know. In digital, there’s no such thing because innovation and change are just moving way too fast.

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How to Use Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram Story Highlights are your very own curation of the different Stories you put out to the world. In some cases you likely spend a lot of time crafting your stories to look interesting an eye-catching, so why let that incredible content slip away after a short 24hrs? Story Highlights give you the chance to repurpose that content into a more permanent profile display which, for a business, can be another amazing way to share your brand and offerings.

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8 Brands That I Can't Stop Watching on Instagram

Since launching business profiles in 2016, Instagram has become the fastest growing social media platform for brands with brand content crowding out  the staple brunch photos and #dogsofinstagram pics.

The strength of Instagram for brands lies in the opportunity to visually represent your brand, share your personality and remind scrolling users what you’re made of.

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