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"I Am Not Creative" Is Bullsh!t! 4 Steps to Reconnect With Your Creativity

As a society we have a tremendous amount shame, insecurity and fear around the concept of creativity. Yet creativity is the very quality that we require to solve the greatest problems facing our species and is essential for our survival on this Earth. 

The truth is that every human on this planet is a born creative. We are put on this Earth to make - this is our divine ability. Maybe you create in your garden, or your business, or you make art or you build furniture = all creating. Or, maybe you're like I was a few years ago and you're not creating at all and you're struggling to find your sense of purpose.

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The #1 Key to Generating Profitable Ideas (alt. title: What's with the Couch?)

Boy, do we feel the pain! Generating new ideas is intimidating enough, let alone trying to ensure that the ideas you come up with will appeal to your ideal customers + inspire them to take action. After all, it’s not a business if it’s not putting food on the table.  

Wondering where you even begin? How to start? Where to find inspiration? You’re not alone... there are an overwhelming amount of businesses out there asking the same questions about idea generation!

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