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Copycats or Pioneers? What I've Learned From Having My Work Copied.

One day last Fall, we were sitting with a client, discussing a content idea for her business. The idea would consist of a series of blogs that would culminate to create a comprehensive guide for her buyer persona. We were convinced that this content would provide her audience tremendous value and we were fairly certain that nobody else was doing anything like it. Unique and value-packed? That’s a recipe for content success!!

As we wrapped up the session and she began packing her things to leave, she stopped, looked back at us with fear in her eyes, and asked:

“What if my competitors see it and copy me?”

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4 Big Lessons From our First Three Months in Business!

Just three months ago, we removed password protect from and headed over to social media to tell our friends + family all about our brand spanking new agency. Equal parts fear + hope combined for a powerful potion that gave us just enough courage to hit send on our announcement. Marrow was open for business. The time since has been a whirlwind!

We’ve stayed on track and maintained focus on some things while we’ve shifted and pivoted on others. We’ve learned that some of our best-laid plans weren’t actually the best FOR US. And, we continue to learn every single day.

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