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On Giving Yourself Permission

Here’s something they don’t want you to know: you can choose YOURSELF.  You can give YOURSELF permission.  You always could. 

 Find something you love more than yourself and create true value around that thing.  Find your customer and make their lives better by giving yourself permissionNow is not the time to ship something mediocre.  Now is not the time for just okNow is the time to do your life’s work. 

 Godin, among other classic creators, gives us a pathway forward; people like us, do things like this.  What he is referring to is equal parts hard work and equal parts calm recognition of who you are.  If you’re producing great work today than you know that people like us do the work that needs doing.  People like us want to enter into a relationship with their customers who would miss you if you were gone and who calmly say ‘Sorry, but this isn’t for you,’ to those who would not. 

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The Inbound Methodology (Since Interrupting Doesn't Work Anymore).

Inbound marketing is the process of creating and distributing valuable content to your target audience in a way that builds an engaging, long-term relationship with them. At the very minimum, your content must be useful to the user. At best, it evokes emotion and builds connection with them - after all, humans are wired to seek connection.

Content delivered via inbound marketing should directly address your buyers problems, challenges and questions without necessarily trying to sell them a solution.

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