8 Brands That I Can't Stop Watching on Instagram

Instagram Brands

Since launching business profiles in 2016, Instagram has become the fastest growing social media platform for brands. Content from brands has been growing in popularity, crowding out  the staple brunch photos and #dogsofinstagram pics of yesterday.

The strength of Instagram for brands lies in the opportunity to visually represent your brand, share your personality and remind scrolling users what you’re made of. 

While Instagram has its fair share of transactional content throughout the platform, a few brands are absolutely nailing audience engagement by providing entertaining, compelling content. Here are the brands that I can’t stop watching on Instagram:

8 Brands I Can't Stop Watching On Instagram 

1. The Home Edit

I'm obsessed with the feed view from The Home Edit - OBSESSED. Likely, my obsession is rooted in the fact that this looks NOTHING like my own home.

The organization... the colour coding... the organization... the ROY G BIV colours... the organization... the white space... the organization... These images feed the fantasies that play out in my head about an alternative universe where nobody invades my space with their stuff. Ah... the pleasures of family living.

Like The Home Edit's Instagram Feed, your feed is  like a catalogue for your brand and, as such, should represent an aesthetic throughout which the images flow and tell a visual story.

The Home Edit: How satisfying is this....

The Home Edit: How satisfying is this....


2. The House That Lars Built

The House That Lars Built is a must follow for creatives and wanna-be creatives (would it be better to say creatives under construction?) alike. 

Providing plenty of inspiration for creative projects and spatial inspiration, The House That Lars Built is another account that delights viewers by their use of every colour of the rainbow. 

The grouping of images below was posted to promote their new book. If I'm really being honest, I am a SUCKER for a feed that is so thoughtful in it's planning that images line up JUST SO.... Perfection! 

House That Lars Built Instagram


3. Impertinent.ca

I cannot get enough of my friends at impertinent.ca and their adventures. Having recently moved from France to Atlantic Canada, Clotilde and Martial use their account and their personal items to tell the story of who they are as people and as a business. 

As the name implies, everything about their account (the people, the places, the items) are unexpected, slightly weird (in the best way) and ALWAYS impertinent. I can't resist Clotilde's gift for storytelling through her wonderfully written French-accented-English. 

One of my all-time favourite posts: 


Yes, that's right. She's travelled the world with the last eggs that her late father picked, years ago! What a wonderfully eccentric story! 

Instagram impertinent.ca


4. Me Undies

Ok, OK! Before you make assumptions about me for following this account let me share what I can't get enough of.

SPOILER ALERT: It's about more than seeing attractive people in their underwear. 

Me Undies is a positive force for inclusion with the stories that they share via their Instagram account. And inclusion is something that I can always get behind. Regardless of what you believe in, who you love, what you look like, ALMOST everyone wears undies!! 

Instagram Me Undies
Me Undies Diverse Instagram


5. Steamwhistle Brewing

Visually on-brand at all times, Steamwhistle Brewing is one of the first brands that captured my heart via their Instagram aesthetic. You can take a look at their account on any given day and enjoy the cohesive nods to their brand colours that are featured in every post that makes it into their feed. 

I'll be honest, I find myself looking forward to where I might see a green bottle or can featured next! 

Steamwhistle Instagram Feed.jpg
Steamwhistle CN Tower Instagram.jpg


6. Shiseido

I remember studying Shiseido's approach to marketing in grad school back in 2002.  Yes, that's before Instagram. And Facebook. And MySpace... we did marketing differently back then. 

What hasn't changed at Shiseido though, is their highly attentive approach to storytelling in a way that is thoughtful and about more than a product push. They use their feed to post in groupings of three aesthetically while, at the same time, always lending their voice to their history and building legacy. 

Via hubspot.com

Via hubspot.com

Shiseido Instagram.jpg


7. Gridless Life

Likely because I haven't had a childless vacation in 10 years, I find myself getting caught-up and, if I'm lucky, transported to the amazing adventured featured on Gridless Life

Users all around the globe document their adventures using the hashtag #gridlesslife in the hope of having their image picked up and featured by the account. Go give them a follow and see if you can resist the temptation to get outside and go gridless yourself.

Gridless Life Instagram


8. Taco Bell

Thoughtful, cute, funny and full of TACOS!! Who could resist?? Seriously... 

I've been an engaged fan of Taco Bell's Instagram antics for years - it takes talent to tell a story via Taco. And, if I'm being honest, I've noticed that I've been playing with my food a little more than usual lately. 

Admittedly, that feed aesthetic has got me a little weak in the knees. 

Taco Bell Instagram

On that note, I'm going to go pre-plan upcoming Instagram content! 

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